Types Of Digital Marketing

There are many types of digital marketing you can use. Good that they are not limited to just a few, to ensure that you can utilise each of them towards your marketing success. Digital marketing comes in many types. Each has different characteristics and different ways to make them work and be highly beneficial.

Types of digital marketing

There are actually 9 but for this article alone, 3 of the top most used and effective digital marketing type is what will be discussed.



SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is still the most used amongst all the available digital marketing types. They come highly effective, thus most businesses, if not all, engaging in digital marketing, ensures that SEO will be given the highest priority to work on.

If you are successful in this type of digital marketing, expect that you can get the most traffic possible. People are making use of the Internet as they make their research, thus with the help of Search Engine Optimisation you can be sure that your business will rank first on the list of businesses that are relevant to their search.

Google, for example, if you are looking for a “computer repair service”, they will key in what they are looking for, thus Google will supply them all the relevant links particular to their search, if you were able to utilize SEO well, expect that your business website link is on top of the search engine, thus higher chances that you will be chosen by those who are looking for that service.

Social Media Marketing

Surely, one of the most effective and efficient way to work on your digital marketing. People who are logging in to the Internet, will run immediately to their social networking account, thus leaving you chances of being viewed as you introduce your product or service, The number of active members on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, to site an example, are the number of people that can be your potential customers or clients.

The influence of social media on people is your edge as you use it for your digital marketing. Post your business, make your page and create an account, are few of the things you can do. For nay computer application query, contact an IT specialist.

Content Marketing

This is a type of digital marketing that covers almost all types, from PR, social media marketing and SEO, all these rolled into one, content marketing is effective getting traffic, provided that you are posting a reading material that is highly interesting and can get attention from the public.

Sending out reading materials, like articles or blogs can give you chances of getting the traffic you need.