4 Factors to Consider When Designing a Business Logo

Whether you are preparing to tell a designer what you want in a business logo design or attempting to make a design yourself, you must take a moment to consider things that can go a long way in determining the future of your company. After all, it is basically a symbol that represents your company.


A logo would have a big impact on a person if he or she can remember the company after looking at the logo for a few seconds. It is important to make it as memorable as possible because first impressions always last in any business. One way to do that would be to make it as simple as possible like not putting many colours in it.


If you plan to market your products or services in a big way, you must advertise on numerous platforms like brochures, magazines and social media websites. This means your logo will be used a lot. Therefore, it is important to make it adjustable like being able to embroider it and scale it up.


It is important to take a look at the logos of your competitors before making your own. Don’t be the company that became known for having a logo that was based on a trend. Your aim should be becoming the company that started the trend. That will help boost the popularity of your company in the future.


If there is one thing famous companies like Nike and McDonald’s have in common, they have simple logos. People will recognise their logos right away when they see it. The styles may change as time passes by but the one thing that will never change is the best logos are the simple ones.

If you remember these things before designing your logos, it won’t be long before your logo will become a recognisable one.

Steps On How To Hire Video Production Companies

Corporate videos are very much in demand nowadays especially now that digital marketing is challenging traditional marketing in terms of efficacy. As people get more connected online by using the latest gadgets such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops, enterprises now have many venues on where they can show their corporate movies.

To get the best company films, you need to follow these steps to ensure that all your concerns will be covered:

Decide on what you want – Not all videos are produced in a uniform way. Just like major Hollywood movies, corporate films are often classified as animation, documentaries or short movies. Know which one you should use considering your target audience and the nature of your business. Many companies prefer to use explainer videos because they are cheap to produce.

Create a shortlist of companies – After deciding your video type of choice, find companies that specialises in producing them. From your list, choose at least three that you think can perfectly come up with your desired company video. Research on the portfolio of the companies and how they could help in your marketing campaigns. Also look for companies that can produce videos within your budget.

Get quotes – Now that you have the list of companies, you may ask for their quotes. During this process, you need to provide them details about your expected output, including your requirements and the elements that you want to see in your corporate film.

Ask for proposals – Aside from a sales letter, proposals show what the video production company can offer you. From this, you can gauge the capabilities of a certain company and how they can address your current marketing concerns. You can find in proposals the details of the project that includes initial production schedule, cost breakdown, an overview of the video concept and the value the final product can bring to your business.

For many years, Clear Concept have gained a reputation as the leading video production company in Sydney. Contact the company now for a free consultation and quote.

Why Corporate Videos Are Effective Marketing Technique

If you are thinking what seems to be wrong with your marketing strategy, maybe because it’s outdated. Since numerous companies are taking advantage of technology today, your old strategy might not be effective anymore. For that reason, you need to come up with something that will make you stand out from your competitors. If you are thinking what it is, it’s corporate video production Sydney.

A video production can instantly capture the attention of your viewers once you’ve done it right. Here are the benefits.

Brand Awareness

A good reputation is the first thing customers consider when choosing a brand. So, you need to create a good company image and make your name appealing. A good production can do that. Just come up with a high-quality camera, good storyline and message that the viewers will find interesting. You can also make an explainer video to give them an idea about the nature of your work and your products.


You don’t need to spend a lot to come up with a good video production. Just get a camera, choose a well-lit place and create a relevant story line.

Increase Your SEO

Google loves SEO. If you want to generate more traffic and find your website on a higher rank, invest in video production. You could be reaching millions of people when everything went well.

Reach more Customers

Since videos are easy to share, the number of people it can reach is infinite and limitless. So, make your video shareable worthy. Upload it to different social media sites like Facebook, YouTube or Vimeo.

People rely on the Internet these days. And if you are a business owner who wants to drive more sales and create awareness, you can take advantage of it by making video ads.

A Wedding Event You Will not Forget!

The planning of a wedding event is extremely difficult.  There is a lot that needs to be done and there never seems to be sufficient time. I have talked with literally hundreds of people who have gone through the preparation of a wedding event and I have found that it’s the little things that trigger all the tension. It’s simple to plan for the obvious, however, the details involved can drive you crazy!

It is important to make your wedding special for you and your future spouse, but it is also crucial to make it unique for your guests. After all, they traveled far to join you on your special day. You see, wedding is not just for you and your partner, but also for friends and families who share the joy and happiness with you.

Picture this … the lights dim and a video starts playing on the screen telling a story. What is this story, you ask? It’s a romance! It is a presentation of you and your partners’ pictures from birth to present, set up with text, your special music, and practically anything you wish to share to engage with your visitors. It will leave your guests with a smile on their faces and tears in their eyes!  There are companies online that will make a wedding video for you.  See http://sonicsight.com.au/

Some video production company will not let you preview the video or, if they do, they will charge extra. It’s definitely crucial to get a sneak peek. Previewing the slideshow video permits you to make sure you like all the details, screen shifts, and picture arrangement.

Montage videos are what I refer to as “a tech heads video dream.” They involve consistent planning backward and forward and focusing and out. They likewise feature expensive looking screen shifts where the pictures will do turns and spins. Now, these montages may look “high tech” however they are entirely unsuitable for a wedding. A wedding slideshow needs to be classy and sophisticated. It does not need spins and twist, flips and twirls. It has to have clean, smooth shifts. They need to stream from one image to the next with elegance and grace.  You want your visitors to remember your wedding event with fondness. What better method than with a video! I hope you decide to engage your guests by revealing a stunning, romantic slideshow video at the beginning of your event.

You want your visitors to remember your wedding event with fondness. What better method than with a video! I hope you decide to engage your guests by revealing a stunning, romantic slideshow video at the beginning of your event.

Things To Do Before Calling A 24-Hour Plumber

Not all plumbing emergencies require an immediate response from professionals. In some cases, you can even repair the plumbing issues yourself. While there are situations when you need professionals for long-term repair, only a few needs the service of a 24-hour plumber. So before you call an emergency plumbing company during midnight, do these things first:

Turn off the water supply – For leaking faucet and burst pipes, the first thing to do is to shut the main water valve near the water meter before your house gets flooded. If the damage is just in a particular area, like a faucet in your toilet, turn it off.

Ask if the incident can wait – Asking the help of an emergency plumber can be more costly than a regular one. You might assess if the incident can wait until morning or during weekdays. Some plumbing accidents can be remedied using your own skills. You may even call your family members, friends and even neighbours who have the talent of fixing pipes.

Consult with water company – Some plumbing disasters in your home are a result of burst mainline, service line break and problems in the sewer. In these cases, call your water company to fix the problem. Some local water companies have 24-hour servicemen that they can dispatch any time of the day. During your call, try to be specific about the incident and the location of the damage.

Call a plumbing company if there is no other option – Call a 24-hour plumber only when you need urgent and necessary repairs in the middle of the night. But before you transact with their company representative, you must first make sure you get the best deal from the right company. Most plumbing problems is not a matter of life and death, so you can still afford to look for the best company, get quotes and haggle for the best offer. You can also ask for advice on what to do during the onset. Who knows, you can fix the pipes yourself by following their instructions. You have sought their help without paying them.

Plumbing emergencies can happen anytime. To make sure your water pipes get fixed in no time, you need the service and expertise of a qualified 24 hour plumber, who you can often find in emergency plumbing companies like 24 Hour Emergency Plumbing. The company has been deploying competent plumbers for years.