Carpet Cleaning Tips from the Pros

Carpet cleaning isn’t the easiest thing to do at home. Not only are carpets heavy, they’re absorbent too. This feature makes it harder to get out stains and smells. Professional carpet cleaners have industry secrets – and not to mention special tools – to get the job done. Hiring a pro is great for when you really need to deep clean your rug, but what about small accidents at home?

Don’t rub – DAB!

Spilled red wine (or any other coloured liquid) on your carpet? Experts say you should never rub the stain. This will only cause the stain to spread to a larger surface, albeit a bit diluted. It will also damage the fibres in your rug, making them break down easier. Instead, carpet cleaning experts suggest dabbing the stain with a paper towel or cloth, using a moderate amount of pressure. The goal is to allow the cloth to soak up the liquid. You can also use a mixture of vinegar and water to soak the stain, and then dab it up with a cloth or sponge. This is particularly effective for wine.

Grease stain remover

If you’ve tried carpet cleaning grease stains, you know how difficult they are to remove. Grease simply clings on to the fibres. Would you believe that the best antidote for grease stains is sitting right in your dishwasher? Dishwashing detergents are designed for breaking down oil, which makes them perfect for grease stains. All you have to do is mix a few drops of dishwashing detergent with some water. Using a spray bottle, spot-clean the areas that have stains and wait for them to soak. Once the grease is soaked with the solution, just blot it up with a piece of cloth!

No worries about pet accidents

Those who own pets will know the pain of cleaning accidents. This method will give you a deep clean and remove the smell! Simply mix together borax, salt, water and vinegar. The solution should form a paste. Simply apply it to the stains on your carpet. Make sure that the paste gets through all the way down to the base of the carpet, where the fibres are attached. Then, wait for it to completely dry. It should be dry enough that when you vacuum the area, it won’t have a problem coming off. Afterwards, you won’t be having problems with soiled spots.

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Common Home Electrical Issues

Homeowners tend to ignore the early signs of an electrical problem until it breaks down. If this happens, you can experience fire due to overheating of wires and cables. You can prevent all these by maintaining the electrical system at home. Familiarise yourself with the following wiring issues:


Sudden high voltage can immediately cause harm to gadgets and appliances. Even if it happens for just a millisecond, expect a faulty performance once surge happens. If you’ve noticed a visible problem in kitchen appliances like oven or microwave, immediately get electrical services.

Experts need to conduct an inspection of wiring and damaged power line to avoid short circuit. Doing this on your own doesn’t help because you might interfere with the existing connections. Just contact AVL Electrical for a safe and effective installation or repairs. They provide the best electrical services Perth and nearby areas.

Defective light switch

Have you been contemplating why the light switch is suddenly acting up? There are two reasons behind this, one is a broken switch and next is circuit problem. If a single switch is at fault, there must be a bigger problem. Try to test all the light switch at home to see where the lines are breaking. If the light in the kitchen is okay but have a problem in the bathroom, then call an electrician.

Increase in electricity bill

Finding out a sudden increase in your electricity bill can be quite alarming, especially if you know how much you consume in a month. If the change is drastic, better call an expert. One of the most common reasons behind this is an existing leak in the hot water system or damaged wiring. You can also talk to the provider about the incident so they can send their staff straight to your home to check.

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How to Keep the Drainage from Becoming Blocked

Problems may arise if you will ignore the early signs of a blocked drain. Clogging and insect infestation can happen if you will not maintain your drainage properly. Now, how do you really unblock your drains? It’s simple. Follow these tips:

Monitor what you dispose

You should know that solid materials and oil cannot be disposed of in the sink. These particles will form inside the pipes that cause blocking. So, when you clean the plates, make sure to segregate solid items in the trash. This includes chicken bones, foil, fruit seeds, and more. Even the smallest items can cause damage if they accumulate in the pipes.

Pickup hair strands

60% of the overall cause of blocking are hair strands. This is true for the shower, sink, and bathtub area. So, the next time you see a few strands lying on the sink, pick it up and dispose of it properly. You can also purchase sink blockers to filter the residues in the kitchen and bathroom sink.

Use paper towels

Remember that cooking oil you innocently pour in the sink? Yes, it can cause blocking as the grease sticks to the pipe. So the next time you wash the cooking pans and casserole, make sure to grab the paper towels and wipe the oil away. You’ll definitely thank yourself for doing this.

Don’t use harsh products

If you’re already experiencing drainage problem, don’t experiment with products and call the expert. These people can immediately unblock your drains without causing damage to the pipes. Unlike harsh products in the market that can melt down the drainage, plumbers use tools to easily get foreign objects stocked inside.

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4 Awesome Benefits of Carpet Steam Cleaning

Out of all the cleaning methods available, the most preferred method is carpet steam cleaning.  It uses the latest in technology while causing no harm to the people living in the house. In case you’re not convinced, here are the reasons why professional and amateur cleaners prefer it:


One of the reasons why this is one of your best options is that it doesn’t apply any harmful chemicals. If the materials used contain toxics, it’s possible the people living in the house will get sick. You won’t have to worry about that happening as only water and heat are used. Of course, you’d need to follow instructions so it will be applied correctly.

Child and Pet friendly

Because of its non-toxic nature, you won’t have to worry about your children or pets getting in direct contact with the carpets. You can now rest easy when your children and pets play in the carpeted area. When you choose this method, you can say goodbye to dealing with harmful chemicals. These same chemicals can burn both your pets and children’s eyes.

No Issue for Allergy Sufferers

It’s apparent how fast carpets can accumulate dust and mites. When you apply for Myer Carpet Cleaning services, you can assure all those unwanted dust and mites will be removed. Also, you’re only using water and steam, thus giving everyone a safer and cleaner environment. Are you worried about your family’s welfare and health? Worry no more as this is a great way to keep them always healthy and free from triggers of allergy attacks.


The best part about this method is that it’s light on the wallet. It’s not one thing that will require you to spend a huge amount. It’s not like other cleaning procedures where you need to add chemical solutions and other products. The only materials you need for this procedure are tap water and your machine.

5 Things To Check Before You Buy A Home

Buying a house is not something you should do on an impulse. You need to carefully plan and consider many things so you won’t be wasting your life savings. To help, we listed five things to watch for when buying a house.

Recognise a Roof in Need of Repair

When you’re looking around your prospect home, don’t stop at eye level, also check out what’s happening on top. Look for any damage to the roof such as cracks, broken shingles, holes, etc. Moreover, check the materials and make sure that it can defend your family against storms and winds.

Look out for Wall Cracks

Don’t be swayed by the room’s paint or pretty wallpaper. Sometimes, the structure looks good until you inspect what’s behind. So, check the end-of-terrace walls, bay windows and the walls. If you noticed cracks, then it’s better to look for other property.

Check the Drains and the Pipes

Often, homeowners overlook the plumbing condition of the area, so they end up with unexpected repairs. To avoid this, always check the plumbing system. If you want to make sure of this, hire plumbers. They will help you identify major plumbing issues such as damaged pipes, loose toilet fittings, clogged drains and leaks. Don’t neglect to do this because faulty pipes cannot only increase your water bill but can also affect your health due to pungent smell and mould build-up. You can visit Slim-Flow Plumbing and Gas for more details. They are expert plumbers equipped with the right tools to attend to your plumbing issues.

Check the Location

Is the house prone to flooding? Is the area near your work or school? Before you buy a house, you must also check its location. Make sure that the part of the state you choose to live in is suited to your lifestyle. Especially if you are planning to stay for a long time.


Larger homes generally come with a higher price. However, this will save you more in the long run. If you have a plan to add more rooms and grow a family in the future, look for a place with ample space.

Things To Do Before Calling A 24-Hour Plumber

Not all plumbing emergencies require an immediate response from professionals. In some cases, you can even repair the plumbing issues yourself. While there are situations when you need professionals for long-term repair, only a few needs the service of a 24-hour plumber. So before you call an emergency plumbing company during midnight, do these things first:

Turn off the water supply – For leaking faucet and burst pipes, the first thing to do is to shut the main water valve near the water meter before your house gets flooded. If the damage is just in a particular area, like a faucet in your toilet, turn it off.

Ask if the incident can wait – Asking the help of an emergency plumber can be more costly than a regular one. You might assess if the incident can wait until morning or during weekdays. Some plumbing accidents can be remedied using your own skills. You may even call your family members, friends and even neighbours who have the talent of fixing pipes.

Consult with water company – Some plumbing disasters in your home are a result of burst mainline, service line break and problems in the sewer. In these cases, call your water company to fix the problem. Some local water companies have 24-hour servicemen that they can dispatch any time of the day. During your call, try to be specific about the incident and the location of the damage.

Call a plumbing company if there is no other option – Call a 24-hour plumber only when you need urgent and necessary repairs in the middle of the night. But before you transact with their company representative, you must first make sure you get the best deal from the right company. Most plumbing problems is not a matter of life and death, so you can still afford to look for the best company, get quotes and haggle for the best offer. You can also ask for advice on what to do during the onset. Who knows, you can fix the pipes yourself by following their instructions. You have sought their help without paying them.

Plumbing emergencies can happen anytime. To make sure your water pipes get fixed in no time, you need the service and expertise of a qualified 24 hour plumber, who you can often find in emergency plumbing companies like 24 Hour Emergency Plumbing. The company has been deploying competent plumbers for years.