The Different Parts Of A Commercial Deep Fryer

There are many types of commercial deep fryers available to choose from so you’ll have a hard time deciding which amongst them you’ll choose. To be guided, look at these parts:


This serves as the place where you put trays or baskets of freshly fried products. This should be installed slightly angled, to allow the oil to return to the tank whilst you are frying products.


This is only available in gas fryers. It’s located at the back of the fryer where the gas travels out of the fryer towards the hood.

Heat deflector / Flue deflector

This is the feature of gas fryers where the gas is being directed to the exhaust hood in a precise manner, thus making the hood work in the most effective way.

Frying area

This is the area where the items are fried. It is measured by length x width.

Fryer battery

This will allow the user to easily get a set of fryers that he or she can use instead of ordering or be getting multiple units separately.


Other than the tank’s capacity, manufacturers will be measuring output by pounds, thus giving you the idea of the number of French fries your unit can make per hour. This can assist and help the user to determine if this is the right choice for his or her business. It can either keep up with the volume he or she needs to fry or they can opt for the one with lesser output, thus cheaper.

Recovery time

This is the amount of time it takes for the fat to return to the wanted or desired temperature after the food is submerged or deep into it. If the temperature drops more than it should, or it does not go back to its temperature quickly, the fried food may become greasy and absorb excess fat.

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