4 Reasons to Hire a Real Estate Agency

With so much information readily available on the Internet, you might be thinking why you need to hire a real estate agency. Whilst it’s true that you can purchase a property without their help, it is still best if you hire them to ensure that you get the house that suits your needs. Here are more reasons why you should hire them:


You don’t need to learn everything about real estate if you hire the experts. They know the ins and outs of the process, so you ensure that you can get the home that you need. You also don’t need to take care some of the paperwork, and this will save you time.


Agents possess strong gut feel so they know if the property that you choose has a good neighbourhood. They know if the place has a good record in terms of crime and if the area is safe for your children. In addition, since they might be in the business for a long time, they know if the area is perfect and can meet your future needs.


The real estate agency’s main goal is to give you the house that you’d like to have. However, since they also make sure that the house that you will have can give you a comfortable life. This means that they will tell if the property you want is a good investment or not.


Real estate agency works with other professionals and they can use their relationship to ensure that you will get the right house. They might have known a house inspector or someone who offers a property for a competitive pricing. If you will do the house hunting your own, chances are, you will spend a whole month without even knowing where to purchase.

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Tips for Buying your First Property

There are many reasons for buying real estate properties. Apart from having a shelter for you and your family, it can be a great item in your investment portfolio. Managing properties for rent can be a profitable income generating activity. But with the burst of the property bubble in the US economy, every investor has become more cautious on their investment moves. So, if you are a beginner in this activity, here are some tips in property investing:

Be sure property ownership is for you – Owning a house requires detail-oriented obligations, such as a lot of paperwork, financial data and taxation as well as other activities that discourage most people. You need to settle these requirements to prevent future problems.

Pay down debt – One of the most important skills you need to master is to manage your debts. Most people default on their payments that can lead to foreclosure of your property. If you still have huge outstanding loans or other expected expenses in the future, rental property investing may not be a correct move.

Have enough money for down payment – Down payment for investment properties might be larger. What’s more, they have more strict approval requirements. Be prepared for these huge expenses which include a hefty down payment and expenses for a lot of requirements.

Beware of higher interest rates – Being an investment tool, the interest rate on property investing is higher even than loans. You should be meticulous on the real estate developers and choose those that offer lower rates.

Calculate your profits – Just like in any investment activities, you need to maximise profit in any move. Hence, you should have the knack for computing the best financial moves for your property investing activities. Make sure you can minimise costs but not compromising on the quality of your investment. You should also factor in the maintenance costs of the building or flat you are operating for rent. Moreover, you should include taxes and other extra expenses that you should do regularly.

Operating a property can be very mind-boggling, especially for newbies. You should ask help from professionals to make your property investing move effectively.

Why It’s Smart To Buy A Brand-New Home

Some people have the talent in handling big responsibilities involving their own money. For example, they want to build their home, everything is taken cared from research, planning until construction. Since not everyone can do this, they opt for land and home packages. If you’re wondering if this is the right choice, read on the following reasons why it’s better to purchase a new house than build on your own:

Organised planning

Construction firms have separate departments that handle different responsibilities. From design to safety measures, everything is already organised. This is something that they are trained, that’s why the process is planned carefully to achieve an outstanding result. If you’re new to this line of work, you’re literally starting from scratch. Creating the design and finding crew isn’t easy. Not to mention the expenses and time frame. If you compute for the overall budget, you might exceed the limit as you don’t have an idea how to manipulate job orders.


All the houses offered by the construction firms undergone strict safety measures. They will be accountable for damages if they will not fully develop the land and property. Not only that, they will also give you a warranty to the house in case something went wrong.


All necessary permits required for the property is already secured by the company. This will give you more time to focus on important things such as moving your things from the previous apartment and adapting to a new environment. If you have kids, you can already run papers needed for their school papers etc.

Latest technology

Some of the newly built houses developed by construction firms have the latest technology. Automatic blinds, pools and more can be expected from the package.

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Get Married And Invest In Subic Bay

Haven’t you dreamed about a beach wedding? A place so serene and romantic that your guests can relax and enjoy the view? There’s a place perfect for this once-in-a-lifetime event and it’s in the heart of Asia.

Subic Bay is located on the west coast of Philippines. This place is truly a paradise because of the powdery sand and almost secluded beach. Unlike other busy tourist spots in the country, Subic is a hidden gem, waiting to be recognised for its timeless beauty. If you’re still in doubt why you should get married and invest in a property here, take a look at the following:


You’ve definitely heard about Boracay, which is one of the famous beaches in the world, thanks to the white powdery sand. But it is no secret that going to this Island is hard as you need to fly across Caticlan or Kalibo, located in the southern part of Philippines. Subic Bay, on the other hand, is accessible with just a 2-3hour ride coming from the airport. You can ride a sea plane and arrive after one hour or if you fancy driving, the place can be reached in a few hours.

World class hotels and restaurants

Some investors develop some parts of the place and build world-class hotels and restaurants you can check out on your visit. These establishments offer wedding packages which can be set up in the beach front area. If you can now imagine a beautiful day and azure blue waters, it is a dream come true wedding.

Excellent value

As you know, properties residing near the beach are of great value. If you invest in one, you can start a rental business here or resell it in a few years for a much higher figure. As it became a tourist destination, you have a chance to make a profit out of this piece of land.

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The True Value of Building Inspection

Inspecting a building is very important for a buyer like you. It can be determined if the building has many issues such as fire hazards, pest infections, the status of the materials, to name a few. It is basically for the protection of the buyers and being so before you even make your final commitment to the building seller, you must first undergo the process of building inspection for the following reasons:

1) There are many building defects that are concealed so well that if you have no knowledge at all about construction materials and the way the building was constructed, then it is safer for you to undergo the process of building inspection. Our company can help you since we have a pool of Brisbane Building Inspections who know all the nitty gritty aspects of the construction business.

House Inspections

2) Most potential buyers like you will not go the lengthy process of going up the roof to look at the possible damages. Once you seal the deal without inspecting the whole building, you might be at the losing end. So protect your money by availing the services of the building inspectors to be conducted by the professionals.

3) Do you know how to find out if the building is infested with termites? It is hard to know unless you have trained eyes. Termites hide very well and the damages they do are not very obvious unless the damages are so huge already. It leads to building collapse. Now for your own safety and protection, avail of this service.

4) Do not place your trust solely on the real estate agents. They want you to close the deal right away so they can receive their commission. They will not bother to let you know all the possible defects and damages. Thus, be wise and get the services of the building inspectors. As building inspectors, they will look at every corner and all the nooks so nothing will escape their trained eyes. If there are damages due to pests and old construction materials, then as a buyer of the building, you have the right to negotiate the final price.

5) Financial loss can happen to you if you are going to buy a defective building. Repairs and renovations are very costly. But this can be prevented if you are going to get the services of the professionals for building inspection.

Do not be fooled. Be wise and make a worthy investment by getting the services of our professionals who will conduct building inspection.

What Makes A Good Mortgage Broker

Julie Rashleigh is like a big fish in a small pond. She is a stand out among all the mortgage brokers in the country. The industry has understandably reached its peak as the number of brokers has increased over the years. In order to not end up with the wrong broker, take note of the qualities of a good mortgage broker:

Informs All Fees

Mortgage Brokers get their salary on a commission basis which means they don’t get a monthly salary. They get their commission from the lender so they are not supposed to get anything from the borrower. However, some brokers change the way their work for their own benefit. Because of this, brokers should inform borrowers all the costs right from the start. If a broker suddenly chargers a borrower right in the middle of the transaction then that would be very unprofessional.

Good brokers know the borrowers have a budget for purchasing a house. They know and must bring up all the expenses needed at the start for the borrower to know if he can afford the house or not.

Keeps in Touch

Julie Rashleigh is someone who keeps in touch throughout the entire process. She is not someone who will leave you high and dry in order to go to the needs of other clients. She will take good care of you until the signing of the contract. She will also follow up on whether or not you are satisfied with your new home once you have already settled down there. Nothing makes her happier than knowing her clients are happy with their purchase.

See a Long Term Relationship

Good mortgage brokers don’t treat you like something that happens once in a blue moon. They look to build a long relationship because they know your goals will change as time passes by. Of course, the broker won’t ask about your personal life unless you open to them. They are not here to be your guidance counselor as they are here to help you with your new home and give advice whenever you need it.

Gives Many Options

Most brokers have long relationships with lenders they have already partnered with. However, Brisbane mortgages brokers give many options in terms of lenders and even financial institutions. This would give the borrower so many options to choose from as it would be hard for them to be limited to just a few lenders because there might be better options.


Keep an Eye for the Best Mortgage Brokers

Getting ripped-off is known to be the most annoying part that we experience whenever we want to buy a house, and that’s because of some errors that mortgage brokers commit during the process of acquiring the property. It is imperative that you are aware what these mistakes are. In that way, you will be able to find out who really are the best since you can finally avoid mortgage brokers who commit these types of errors:

Inexperienced Brokers

Learning the art of this type of brokerage requires you to become well-trained in this field. Sadly, there are some brokers out there who rushed in getting the job and resorted to attending a training session that never even lasted a day.

Take note that if the broker lacks enough time in their training, expect that they might act lousy while on the job. Make sure that you learn about their time spent in training for you to learn more about their capabilities since training is extremely important for these professionals. Because of that, don’t be afraid to ask them to send you details of their profile – which includes the training session – for you to learn if they are well-trained for the job.

Inability to Talk About Interest Rates

There are a lot of people who are concerned about the interest rates placed in mortgage fees. Inexperienced or lousy kinds of brokers tend to dismiss the negotiations about interest rates. They should be avoided, especially if the mortgage rate seems to be quite high. Be aware of this very important part of the fees, and rest assured that you will be able to save a lot of money. Make sure that the broker understands this well enough.

However, that doesn’t mean the mortgage brokers should be avoided if they never lowered the interest rates. They know their limitations, and the only important thing about the matter is, the broker should be willing to discuss it with you accurately. If not, find another one.

With these mistakes to avoid, for sure you can find the best Melbourne mortgage brokers that can definitely assist you in your needs when getting the best mortgage deals for your home. With the right qualities of a mortgage broker, finding the best possible deal for your future home is like a walk-in-the-park. Good luck to you.