Tips on How to Dive for Beginners

Diving is currently a famous activity. Going deep into the sea and the oceans, especially in tropical paradises like the Philippines (specifically in Palawan province), is an awesome adventure. But this is not an easy activity, and many inexperienced divers have experienced health problems, some even almost losing their breath during their exploration in the deep ocean. Here are some tips for a successful dive in famous spots in the country such as dive spots in Coron:

Plan extensively – Planning is crucial especially if you are a newbie in any activity. Diving in the open seas is no exception. You need to ensure safety in every activity you do. This means you need to prepare yourself, your safety gears and equipment as well as your site.

Seek professional assistance – Even experienced divers need company in their adventure under the sea to ensure both their safety. You should always be accompanied by a professional diving instructor in every plunge you take. Most dive resorts Coron has professional divers for hire for your undersea exploration.

Conduct multiple checks on your equipment – Diving is a life-threatening activity. As such, you need to double- or even triple-check on the gears and equipment you use for your own safety. Also, you need to make sure the safety gears you wear is of high quality that works even in dangerous and inclement waters.

Test safety gear in a safe environment – You need to have a dress rehearsal before you plunge into the depths of the sea. Do this in a safe and controlled environment, ideally a deep pool.

Ensure you are ready to dive – You need to check your health condition upon diving to make sure your adventure is not compromised by any health problems. There are people who panic when they are diving. You need to address this to your instructor so that they can find out if you are ready to take a dip in the sea.

Inspect the conditions of the dive resort in Coron – Is the weather favourable to a dive? Is the sea peaceful? Chances are your instructors know the conditions when you can plunge. Click here to find out where is the best dive resorts in Coron, Palawan.

Dive within your limits – Keep in mind that you are just a beginner. As such, you need to take a dive in shallow waters. As time pass by, you can attempt deeper plunge.

Budget Friendly Activities In Puerto Galera

Puerto Galera is often called a poor man’s Boracay because everything in Puerto is much cheaper compared to Boracay. There’s a reason why this tourist spot is always crowded even if it’s not peak season. You wouldn’t have to break the bank to go here.

Here are 3 budget-friendly activities you can do:

1) Full Body Massage

After a long hike to Tamaraw Falls, you’d want something that will relax your body. The best option for that would be a full body massage as it’s just Php 200.oo here.

2) Banana Boat

For those who are not familiar with a banana boat, you’ll ride on a banana shaped floater along with 5 other people. A speed boat will then haul the banana boat in varying speeds. There are times when it will go fast and times when the speed is moderate. It’s so much fun as you can scream your lungs out when the speed boat decides to go very fast.

3) Kayaking

Kayaking is such a fun thing to do in pairs. Therefore, it is a must to do it with your partner. You’ll both ride a canoe for two then paddle your way to wherever you want. You don’t have to exert too much effort unless you want to get tired fast. There are underground caves you can go to while in your canoes.

Once you got convinced you won’t spend much at Puerto Galera, you’ll think of spending the rest of your life there. It’s actually a great idea due to how cheap the cost of living is. You can choose to spend on beachfront luxury property Philippines. There’s indeed nothing like living beside the beach especially if it’s in Puerto Galera. If you want a more tanned skin, a beachfront property is perfect for you.

There’s no doubt spending your hard earned money on a beachfront luxury property in the Philippines is a wise investment. This is a perfect spot to settle in and spend quality time with your loved ones.

3 Famous Films That Showcase Fiji Island’s Captivating Beauty

Planning a holiday vacation to Fiji? That’s a wise decision. Aside from enjoying different its sceneries and beaches, this is also your chance to visit some of the most famous movie locations. Yes, Fiji was a favourite film location as it has the perfect view and setting. Doesn’t have any idea what those films are? Here are they.

Cast Away


If you ever wondered where Chuck Noland’s plane crashes, you have visited the right page. ‘Cast Away’ was filmed in Monuriki, part of a group of the island called Mamanuca Island. In the story, Tom Hanks, a FedEx employee experienced a plane crash and ends up stranded on an island for four years with his only friend, volleyball ball Wilson. This blockbuster movie received numerous positive feedbacks. Many people became interested in the location of the island and wish to experience the tropical beach on their own.

Blue Lagoon

This American romantic drama film was filmed on Turtle Island or Nanuya Levu. The story is all about two young children who were trapped on a tropical island and fell in love with each other. In one statement, Fiji is the place the director chosen because of its serene beauty and environment. It was started by Brooke Shields and Christopher Atkins who both are in their teenage years.

The Truman Show

One of the most iconic films of Jim Carrey is The Truman Show. This movie is all about how a corporation raised a baby to star in a television show. Truman’s life was controlled by these people. The conflict starts when he fell in love in another actor. This wasn’t on the original plan. Later on, Truman found out that his whole life is a lie. If you already watched this movie, you’ll know how Jim Carrey consequently expresses his desire to visit Fiji. Though this doesn’t happen in the film, Jim Carrey itself went to Fiji to experience the island’s beauty.

Don’t miss to visit these famous film locations while in Fiji. If you don’t know how to get there, Club Fiji Resort will arrange everything for you. Your day will be filled with adventurous experience you’ll treasure for life. They offer Fiji holiday packages, honeymoon, wedding and more. Every morning will be a fun experience once you’ve tried their affordable rooms with beaches and mountains overview. Ask query now!