Corporate Video: 2 Major Types

A corporate video can have different uses. It can be used for employee onboarding, to make the process more streamlined. Others use it as a marketing tool, to strengthen their brand’s image. When done correctly, it can be a profitable investment for any business.

Corporate Video

Employee On-Boarding

More and more businesses are investing in training videos. It’s an alternative learning method that’s proven to be effective. Research shows that people retain more information when watching videos, as compared to reading the text. According to a survey, employees forget 90% of training materials in just 6 months. To add to this, employees are also more likely to watch a clip than read the training manual.

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Training videos allow your employees to pace their learning. Regular teaching methods require them to follow a given class or lecture. However, everybody has different learning styles. One method isn’t always effective for all participants. With videos, they can re-watch any detail multiple times, without disrupting other learners.

This type of learning can benefit business owners as well. First, well-trained employees are more productive. They are more likely to perform at company standards. They can represent your brand – and interests – in the best way possible.

Secondly, training videos cut the costs of employee on-boarding significantly. A one-time investment may have some upfront costs, especially if you’re producing a lot of them. However, you only need to do it once. Furthermore, if you have employees at multiple locations, you won’t have to fly them to headquarters. You can share the clips digitally, and they can learn at their own time.

Online Marketing

By now, every business should have a website. It’s a way to market to a wider audience on a budget. Marketing videos are a huge part of this. Research shows that videos are more likely to produce conversions and sales. A few common topics include:

  • How-Tos – Videos on how to use a certain product or service
  • Branding – All about the company’s history, goals and values
  • Explainers – Videos about how products or services work.