Fun Ideas for Your Next Corporate Video Production

When you hear your boss telling you to take the lead in coming up with the next company video, you’d probably want to pass it on to the next employee. In recent years, corporate video production companies have changed the way employees look at this type of online material.

Here are some awesome ideas for your corporate video production:


  • Types of people

It’s always fun to showcase the different personalities of the people in your company.

  • Employee reactions

Now, everyone knows how employees will react differently when you say, “You’ll be getting your quarterly bonus later” from “Can you come into the office on Christmas Day?” Why not capture their reactions to different situations?

  • Common struggles

Whether your boss takes the same elevator you’re in or whether you’re waiting forever for the clock to strike five, capture it all in the video and provide a good entertainment in the office to prevent boredom.


  • Day in the life

A shining moment for any employee. Have someone from another department show people what it’s like to work with them. Let a cameraman follow them around as they describe who they are, what they do in a day, and why they do it.

  • Shining moment

Ever had an employee whom you feel deserves a little more credit than what they’re getting? Take the janitor or the secretary for instance. Ask how long they’ve been with the company and why have they remained loyal for so long? What drives them to strive harder every single day?

  • Inappropriate questions

Have the corporate video production team come to one of your company events. Let one of your employees ask a completely random and inappropriate question to the guests. For example, if you run a pharmaceutical company, one of your employees could be asked, “Are you sick?”. No matter how inappropriate it is, ask it. After all, you’re not after the answers but the reactions, especially after they understand why you asked that kind of question in the first place.

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