Common Questions Asked About an RCG Course

Gambling is rich man’s favourite hobby. In fact, you’ll find this industry to be one the most successful in the world. And as fun, as it is to play in a casino, there are also unlikely situations to be wary of such as a brawl between customers, a drunk customer and an attempted theft. You need a person who has passed the RCG course.

Here are FAQs regarding the course:

What should I do if I lost my certificate/competency card?

RCG Course

If you lost your certificate, you can always contact your training provider to give you another copy of your certificate. After all, all students are bound to have a record in the training school’s system.

And In this case, you might be given a temporary interim certificate until an official copy has been made.

But if you lost your competency card, some training centres require you to submit a request to them. You’ll have to go through a lengthy process to authenticate your claim.

Do I need to bring anything for my training?

Most of the time, all the necessary materials are already provided by the training centre. You’ll just need to bring the basic ones such as your ID and pen.

Do I always need to bring my competency card with me?

It’s always handy to bring it with you. You’ll never know when a customer will ask to see if you’re a trained employee. Plus, it’s important to have when you’re applying for a job in a casino.

What is the thing I’ll learn during the RCG Course?

Here is a list of the common topics discussed in this type of course:

  • The impact of gambling on people and their families
  • How to spot a suspicious looking customer
  • How to handle a drunk customer
  • Legislative provisions for responsible and legal gambling
  • Self-exclusion tactics
  • How to handle customer complaints
  • How the industry works
  • How emotionally and mentally prepared employees must be

If you want to work in this type of industry, you need to have the guts, the knowledge and the license for it. Visit BarMax’s website and enrol in this course today!