All About Smoke Alarms

Smoke alarms are devices that alert individuals of fire hazards. These detectors use either photoelectric or physical means to detect gas by-products from burning. They’re a useful tool for safety and can be used in any space, whether it be residential, commercial or industrial.

Smoke Alarms

Australian Standards

In Australia, detectors are necessary for every home. This helps prevent fire hazards. Studies show that houses fitted with an alarm system reduce fatalities from a fire in half. In addition, landlords with rental properties are required to install a system for all their units. A $750 fine applies to individuals who do not comply with this law.

Types of Detectors

Systems that detect physically are called ionised alarm systems. It’s fitted with a radioisotope. As the name suggests, the radioisotope ionises the air around it. This allows the device to see changes in the environment. These are most effective in the flaming stage of fires where it is most dangerous.

Photoelectric varieties use either infrared technology to detect fires. The device projects beam towards the area. Infrared or UV lights are shone throughout the room. It is then reflected in the device. The photosensor analyses the amount of light. If there is a fire, the amount of light will be abnormally low. When this happens, the alarm will sound.

This type of detector is best used in wide spaces like auditoriums. They are more effective in catching fires that are just smouldering. This helps users prevent it from spreading.

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The Benefits

Most fire fatalities happen when the homeowners are asleep. This is troubling, considering every household will experience a major fire at least once in a generation. These devices prevent unnecessary deaths from happening. For rental properties, it’s the landlord’s responsibility to give their tenants the safest space possible. This includes protecting them from fire hazards.

How to Pick an Alarm

When buying a detector, make sure the manufacturer has complied with Australia’s standards for safety systems. It’s also a good idea to hire a professional to install the alarm. This ensures that it’s fitted properly.