Top 3 Tips for Online Betting Free

When you bet on sports, you must remember the ball is round so you always have a 50% chance of winning. No matter how strong a team is, there’s still a chance they’ll lose to the other team. There’s no such thing as a sure win in the world of sports because if there is, nobody would watch it anymore. Here are tips you must consider once you decide to do online betting free:

  • Research on Teams

It’s not enough to research on the win-loss record of both teams. You must also research on the team’s record of covering the spread. If one team has an 80% chance of covering the spread, you’ll be very confident in betting on them, especially if the opposing team only has a 5% record against the spread.

  • Examine Injuries

If some players have injuries, it won’t be smart to bet on that team. Whilst they can still play, their performance will be greatly affected. It would be better to bet on a game where no injuries will affect the outcome of the game. You’ll be confident with your bet unless an injury happens whilst the game is going on.

  • Get Opinions

There’s nothing wrong with getting as many opinions as you can. You can get these from experts and friends. They can tell you who they think will cover the spread. If one team is leading by a huge margin according to the votes you tallied, you’ll feel confident betting on them.

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