4 Latest Web Design Trends

In order to gain the interest of your audience, your website should possess the latest trends in web design. Not only does it make your site look better, but it also gives it an updated look. Here are 4 latest design trends you should expect from an up-to-date and skilled designer:

web design

Web Design

Interactive Elements

A lot of websites are utilising interactive elements to elevate their design. Take Google for example. It launches Interactive Doodles to celebrate different occasions. This is an effective way to capture the attention of your visitors and to encourage them to check out your pages. It also gives your visitors a sense of involvement whilst being educated about your company, products or services.

Innovative Colour Combinations

In recent times, different colours of the season such as Millennial Pink, Mint Green and Gen-Z Yellow are sensationalised. With these emerging hues, most designers tend to explore bolder colour combinations to accommodate these. Some try to combine them with other tones, whilst others create a design based on those colours.

AI Assistants

With the AI technology applied in chatbots such as Cleverbot, more and more businesses utilise AIs to act as customer service representatives. These provide round the clock assistance to potential customers. This way, companies can minimise risks of leaving customers unattended when they need basic questions answered.

Adventurous Typographies

Another way designers get the attention of visitors is by using adventurous typographies. They emphasise catchphrases, brand name and product name through creative font faces and bold styles. The aesthetic typography gives websites personality and unique identity. However, they maintain readability by reserving whitespace and minimising clutter.

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